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Data’s Beautiful: Seven Data Visualization Tools for Digital Marketers

According to IBM, did you know that, more than 2.6 million terabytes of data is generated each single day? To put this into perspective, 1 terabyte of data can contain: Split Test Monkey 16,000 hours of music 311,000 photos More than 133,000 650-page novels Almost 87 million full-page Microsoft Word documents Now multiply any one of these by 2.6 million. In … [Read more...]


To Loosen Up With 6 Ways to Get More Comfortable on Camera At Here.

To Loosen Up With 6 Ways to Get More Comfortable on Camera At Here. 65% of senior marketing execs quoted visual assets, as video or critical to telling their story of brand as of the start of 2016. As a businessperson, what does that mean for you? If you want to get comfortable in front of the lens, it will be time. From media appearances to new social staples as Periscope, … [Read more...]


The Reason For 2016 Will Be the Year of Video Marketing

The Founder and CEO of Explainify, Eric Hinson, which makes short, animated brand videos that tell stories, engage customers, and drive sales. Yeah, and you should check out because he has a free storytelling guide as follow: 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Turn Your Brand Story Into a Conversion Machine. January has come and gone, and February slipped out the door right behind it. It … [Read more...]


By Using Social Media Do You Know How to Research and Locate Your Audience

Are you struggling to connect with your customers on social networks? Where they hang out online? To know who your customers are and which social networks they spend their time on it is important that is facebook ad coupon. You will find how to connect with your target audience on social media in this article. To Identify Your Ideal Customer “Who is … [Read more...]


To Maximize Your Impact With Six Video Marketing Tips

In your social media marketing, do you use video content? Surprisingly to get more views and engagement, do you know how to optimize your videos? To help you improve the performance of your video content, you will discover 6 tips in this Ad Inferno. 1.    In Seven Seconds, to Seduce Viewers to Click To create great content is the first step, to get more eyeballs on your … [Read more...]